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Configuring the COA Script Service for MX Series Routers (SRC CLI)


To configure the script service for the MX Series router:

  1. Create a script service in the services global service name hierarchy or the services scope name service name hierarchy. For example:
  2. Set the type to script.
  3. (Optional) Configure other properties as needed for your service.
  4. Configure the script properties.
    1. Access the script hierarchy for the configured script service.

    2. Specify URL as the script type.

    3. Specify the name of the Java class that implements the script service.

    4. Configure the URL of the script service or the path and filename of the service.

      If you specify a file URL, you must copy the file to the C Series Controller. If you specify an ftp or http URL, the file can reside on a centralized server. You can find the coa.jar file in the application and SDK distribution on the Juniper Networks website at:

      in the SDK+AppSupport+Demos+Samples.tar.gz archive file with the pathname:


  5. Verify the configuration.
  6. Configure the parameters for the script service.

    See Configuring Parameters for the Script Service for MX Series Routers (SRC CLI).