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Enabling State Synchronization (SRC CLI)


State synchronization is achieved when the SAE is required to communicate with the policy server over the COPS connection.

Use the following configuration statement to configure state synchronization:

To enable state synchronization with policy servers:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures the PCMM device driver.

  2. Specify whether state synchronization with the PCMM policy servers is disabled.

    When using other PCMM-compliant policy servers (instead of the JPS), we recommend setting this value to true.

  3. Specify whether PCMM I03 policies are disabled when the SAE is deployed with pre-PCMM I03 CMTS devices.

    When there are pre-PCMM I03 CMTS devices in the network, you must set this value to true.

  4. Specify the time interval between attempts by the SAE to restore service sessions that are still being recovered in the background when state synchronization completes with a state-data-incomplete error.

    We recommend setting this value to 3600000 (1 hour) or longer.