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    Login Classes for SRC User Accounts

    The SRC software provides four predefined login classes to use for configuring user accounts. A login class defines the access privilege levels to the SRC software. You can also configure login classes to precisely define access privileges for the user accounts in your SRC environment.

    In the SRC CLI, each top-level command-line interface (CLI) command and each configuration statement have an access privilege level associated with them. Similarly, each task and subtask in the C-Web interface have an access privilege level associated with them. Users can configure and view only those tasks for which they have access privileges. The access privileges for each login class are defined by one or more permission options.

    Permission options specify which actions are allowed for users assigned to use a login class. More than one permission option can be configured for a login class. You can use the SRC CLI or the C-Web interface to configure permission options for all commands, statements, tasks, and subtasks. For example, if you configure a user to have the system permission class using the C-Web interface, that user will have the same permission when accessing the SRC CLI. The privilege level for each command and statement is listed in SRC PE CLI Command Reference.

    When you configure more than one permission, the resulting set of permissions is a combination of all of the permissions set, except for all and control.

    When you configure permissions, include view to display information and configure to enter configuration mode. Two forms for the permissions control the individual parts of the configuration:

    • “ Plain” form—Provides read-only capability for that permission type. An example is interface.

    • Form that ends in -control—Provides read and write capability for that permission type. An example is interface-control.

    Modified: 2018-09-20