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Setting the Action Threshold and Preparation Time (SRC CLI)


You can set the action threshold and preparation time for all schedules; you cannot set these values for individual schedules.

Use the following configuration statements to set the action threshold and preparation time:

To set the action threshold and preparation time for an SAE:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures time-based policies.

  2. Configure the maximum delay that the service allows for a time-related change to occur. The recommended range is 60,000–300,000 milliseconds. The minimum value supported is 60,000 milliseconds.

  3. Configure the preparation time permitted for a state transition.

    When you set a value for the preparation time, take into consideration system load and performance. Factors such as the number of subscribers, the number of active services, the number of schedule services, the speed of the processor on the system, as well as other conditions might affect the amount of time to process all the scheduled actions at a specified schedule time.

  4. (Optional) Enable the disable-preparation-time option to prevent the SRC software from calculating the preparation time for scheduled events that contain only deactivate actions. By default, the disable-preparation-time option is disabled and the preparation time is calculated for all scheduled events, including those that contain only deactivate actions.


    You can enable the disable-preparation-time option to ensure that the preparation time is applied only to activate events at the beginning of the service, and not to deactivate events at the end of the service. The preparation time is applied to scheduled events that contain various action types (such as activate, deactivate, deny, and deny-deactivate) even though the disable-preparation-time option is enabled.

  5. (Optional) Configure the maximum number of threads for service scheduling.

  6. (Optional) Verify your configuration.