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Mapping Between SRC Software, Junos OS, and PCC or ePCC Concepts


This section describes the mapping between the SRC software, Junos OS, and PCC or ePCC concepts. Table 8 lists the mapping between SRC software and Junos OS terminology and the PCC or ePCC function terminology.

Table 8: SRC Software and Junos OS Terminology Versus PCC or ePCC Terminology

SRC Software and Junos OS Terminology

PCC or ePCC Terminology

Subscriber session

IP CAN Session

Service associated with service policies

PCC Rule

Service associated with application policies

ePCC Rule

Service activation


Service deactivation


Service accounting


Subscriber Session Termination

Subscriber Session Detach

Policies, defined by the SRC software

Dynamic Rule

Charging Rule Installation (Service Activation)

SRC software can activate any number of predefined PCC or ePCC rules in the same CCA-I or RAR message by providing a Charging-Rule-Install AVP. The Charging-Rule-Install AVP is sent for each service session to be activated. The Charging-Rule-Install AVP can contain multiple Charging-Rule-Name AVPs, one for each static PCC rule or contain multiple Charging-Rule-Definition AVPs, one for each dynamic PCC rule or ePCC rule.


The names appearing in the Charging-Rule-Name AVPs must be unique across all policies for a particular subscriber session.

The Services Control Gateway expects to receive the following Charing-Rule-Install AVP from the SRC software in CCA and RAR messages:

Charging Rule Removal (Service Deactivation)

The SRC software sends a Charging-Rule-Remove AVP for each PCC or ePCC rule in the same CCA-U or RAR message while deactivating a service.

The following AVPs are expected by the router from the SRC software in CCA-U and RAR messages:

Charging Rule Report

The router can send charging rule reports for any number of services in the same CCR-U request or RAA message. This is achieved by providing a Charging-Rule-Report AVP for each failed rule. The Charging-Rule-Report AVP contains a single Charging-Rule-Name AVP.