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Defining a Discontinuity Check to Validate Delta Values (SRC CLI)


You can configure a monitor to use a discontinuity check to prevent sending false alarms when the value of the monitored object is reset between two samples.

Use a discontinuity check when the sampling type for a monitor is delta-value and the test type is Boolean or threshold. You define a variable, called a discontinuity marker (a MIB object used to validate the delta, or difference, between values). Typically, the marker object is of the TimeTicks, DateAndTime, or Timestamp type.

To define a discontinuity check:

  1. Configure an SNMP alarm with the sample type set to delta-value.

    See Configuring an SNMP Alarm on a C Series Controller (SRC CLI).

  2. From configuration mode, access the configuration statements that configures a discontinuity check. For example, for an alarm named ifErrorsDelta:

  3. Specify the name or object identifier (OID) of the discontinuity marker. For example: