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Types of Authentication for SRC User Accounts


You can configure the following types of authentication for user accounts:

  • Plain text password—Prompt for a plain text (unencrypted) password. The requirements for plain text passwords are:

    • Can contain between 6 and 128 characters

    • Can include most character classes in a password (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and other special characters).


      We do not recommend that the password include control characters. We do recommend that the password include at least one change of case or character class.

If you configure a plain text password, you are prompted to enter and confirm the password.

  • Encrypted password—Password encoded with crypt. The format of encrypted passwords is "{crypt}<13-characters in a-zA-Z0-9./>".


    We recommend that you do not enter the password in encrypted format.

  • SSH—SSH authentication. For SSH authentication, you can copy the contents of an SSH keys file into a CLI session.

Do not configure a plain text password and an encrypted password at the same time because one value will overwrite the other.