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Sending System Log Messages to Other Servers (C-Web Interface)


Before you configure the system log server to send messages to other system log servers, ensure that the remote system log server is configured to receive messages on the standard UDP port, 514.

To configure the system log server to send messages to another system log server:

  1. Click Configure, expand System, and click Syslog.

    The Syslog pane appears.

  2. From the Create new list, select Host.

  3. Type a name for the file in the dialog box, and click OK.

    The Host pane appears.

  4. To configure a message group, select the message group that you want to configure from the Create new list.

    You can configure multiple message groups in the log file.

  5. To configure a severity level:

    1. In the side pane, click the log file.

    2. From the Severity box, select the severity level that you want to track with the log file, and click Apply.