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Creating Grouped Configurations for the SRC 3GPP Gy (SRC CLI)


Configuration groups enable you to share SRC's Gy configuration with different SRC's Gy instances in the SRC network. You can also set up different configurations for different instances.

You can then create a grouped SRC's Gy configuration that is shared among multiple SRC's Gy instances. For example, if you create two different SRC's Gy groups called 3gpp-gy-share and 3gpp-gy-share1 within the shared SRC's Gy configuration, you could select SRC's Gy configuration that should be associated with a particular SRC's Gy instance.

Use the shared option of the slot number gy-3gpp statement to select the group for an SRC's Gy instance as part of the local configuration. Use the shared gy-3gpp group name configuration statements to configure the group.

To select and configure a group:

  1. From configuration mode, select a group for an SRC's Gy instance. For example, to select a group called 3gpp-gy-share in the root group:
  2. Commit the configuration.
  3. From configuration mode, configure a group. For example, to configure a group called 3gpp-gy-share, specify the group as part of SRC's Gy configuration.
  4. (Optional) Verify your configuration.