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Configuring Scheduler Actions (SRC CLI)


You use scheduler actions along with QoS conditions and traffic-shape actions to configure transmission scheduling and rate control. Schedulers define the priority, bandwidth, delay buffer size, rate control status, and random early detection (RED) drop profiles to be applied to a particular class of traffic. You can create scheduler actions in Junos OS scheduler policy rules.

The type of action that you can create depends on the type of policy rule. See Policy Information Model.

Use the following configuration statements to configure scheduler actions:

To configure a scheduler action:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the scheduler action configuration.

  2. (Optional) Configure the queue transmission buffer size.

  3. (Optional) Configure the type of value that you entered for buffer size.

  4. (Optional) Configure the packet-scheduling priority. The priority determines the order in which an output interface transmits traffic from the queues.

  5. (Optional) Configure the transmit rate.

  6. (Optional) Configure the type of value entered for transmit rate.

  7. (Optional) Specify whether or not to enforce the exact transmission rate. Under sustained congestion, a rate-controlled queue that goes into negative credit fills up and eventually drops packets.

  8. (Optional) Enter a description for the scheduler action.

  9. (Optional) Verify the scheduler action configuration.