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Configuring Policer Actions (SRC CLI)


The policer action specifies rate and burst size limits and the action taken if a packet exceeds those limits. You can create policer actions in Junos OS policer and Junos OS filter policy rules.

The type of action that you can create depends on the type of policy rule. See Policy Information Model.

Use the following configuration statements to configure policer actions:

To configure a policer action:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the policer action configuration.

  2. (Optional) Configure the traffic rate that, if exceeded, causes the router to take the indicated packet action.

  3. (Optional) Configure the type of value entered for bandwidth limit.

  4. (Optional) Configure the maximum burst size. The minimum recommended value is the maximum transmission unit (MTU) of the IP packets being policed.

  5. (Optional) Enter a description for the policer action.

  6. (Optional) Verify the policer action configuration.