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Configuring FlowSpec Actions (SRC CLI)


A FlowSpec is made up of two parts, a traffic specification (TSpec) and a service request specification (RSpec). The TSpec describes the traffic requirements for the flow, and the RSpec specifies resource requirements for the desired service. You can configure FlowSpec actions for PCMM policy rules.

The type of action that you can create depends on the type of policy rule. See Policy Information Model.

Use the following configuration statements to configure FlowSpec actions:

To configure a FlowSpec action:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the FlowSpec action configuration.

  2. (Optional) Configure the type of FlowSpec service as either controlled_load_service or guaranteed_service. The FlowSpec options available for configuration change depending on the type of service that you select:

    • Controlled load services can contain only TSpec parameters.

    • Guaranteed services can contain both TSpec and RSpec parameters.

  3. (Optional TSpec parameter) Configure the guaranteed minimum rate that is reserved for the service flow.

  4. (Optional TSpec parameter) Configure the maximum burst size for the service flow.

  5. (Optional TSpec parameter) Configure the amount of bandwidth over the committed rate that is allocated to accommodate excess traffic flow over the committed rate.

  6. (Optional TSpec parameter) Configure the assumed minimum-reserved-rate packet size. If a packet is smaller than the minimum policed unit, the software treats the packet as if its size is equal to the value specified in this option.

  7. (Optional TSpec parameter) Configure the maximum packet size for the FlowSpec.

  8. (Optional RSpec parameter) Configure the average rate.

  9. (Optional RSpec parameter) Configure the amount of slack in the bandwidth reservation that can be used without redefining the reservation.

  10. (Optional) Configure a description for the FlowSpec action.

  11. (Optional) Verify the FlowSpec action configuration.