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Table 1 provides a list of terms and corresponding definitions that are used in the gateway documentation.

Table 1: Web Services Gateway Terms




Value that a gateway client passes to a Web application; the application uses the value to perform an action on behalf of the gateway client

Business partner

Organization that manages a database of subscribers and uses an SRC owner’s equipment to provision services

Dynamic properties

Properties that the software changes in the directory

Gateway client

Software application that submits requests to a gateway Web application

Gateway extension

Servlet deployed on the Web Services Gateway Web application server

Gateway Web application

Software application that belongs to the SRC owner and allows business partners to interact with the SRC network

Configuration namespace

Entry in the directory that defines a list of properties and inherits properties from parent objects in the hierarchy

SRC owner

Organization that owns the SRC components and software and offers the use of this equipment to business partners who manage a database of subscribers

Static properties

Properties that you change in the directory

Web application server

Software application that supports Web applications and serves Web pages to browsers through HTTP