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Configuring Accesses (SRC CLI)


You must configure an access for an enterprise or a site. An access determines the way that the enterprise or site accesses Internet services, and specifies a set of services that are available to the particular access.

Subscriber classification scripts can use access subscription properties to match the interface in the network with an access in the directory. Typically, the interface alias, interface description, interface name, unique ID, NAS port ID, and router name are used to match an interface to an access.

You can specify multiple accesses; for example, you might want to specify primary and secondary services for Internet access.

To configure a subscription to an access service:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the subscription configuration. In this procedure, Acme is the name of the enterprise and AcmeAccess is the name of the access.

  2. (Optional) Record routing protocols used at the enterprise or site. If you build a custom enterprise manager application, you can access this information through the enterprise portal APIs.

  3. (Optional) Configure the description of a router interface.

  4. (Optional) Configure the alternate name of the interface that SNMP uses.

  5. (Optional) Configure the name of the interface using your router CLI syntax

  6. (Optional) Configure the router’s unique ID, which is the index of the router in the SNMP table for all interfaces.

  7. (Optional) Configure the network access server (NAS) port ID reported by the JunosE router through the Common Open Policy Service (COPS).

  8. (Optional) Configure the name of the router to which this access connects.

  9. (Optional) Configure the name that is displayed in enterprise management portals, if different from the service name.

  10. (Optional) Configure the value that identifies the service in accounting records.

  11. (Optional) Configure the actual values for parameters associated with this subscription.

  12. (Optional) Verify your configuration.