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Configuring SNMP for the SIC Group (SRC CLI)


You can configure each SNMP event and associated dilution factor. When an event occurs, an SNMP trap is sent to the SNMP manager.

Use the following statements to configure SNMP for the SIC server:

To configure SNMP events for the SIC group:

  1. Specify the SNMP trap name for which you want to configure the dilution factor.


    • sic-server-startup—SNMP trap on server startup.

    • sic-server-shutdown—SNMP trap on server shutdown.

    • sic-server-unauthorized-administration-request—SNMP trap on unauthorized administration request.

    • sic-server-internal-error—SNMP trap on server internal error.

    • sic-server-resource-failure—SNMP trap on server resource failure.

    • sic-server-log-file-failure—SNMP trap on server log file failure.

  2. (Optional) Specify the dilution factor. The event is sent to the SNMP manager every n occurrences of the condition that generated the alert.