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SAE Verification of Junos OS Configuration Changes


The SAE can check the configuration of a device running Junos OS under its control to detect whether the configuration has changed by a means other than through the SAE. If the SAE finds a disparity between the router and the SAE configurations, it can take several actions. The SAE checks the configuration installed on the router against the state of the SAE session layer (subscriber, service, and interface sessions). While the check is occurring, the SAE does not handle jobs from the router, and all provisioning activity is blocked, including event notifications.

The SAE can take the following actions if it finds a disparity between the router and SAE configurations:

  • The SAE takes the state of the session layer on the router to be correct and updates its local state to be consistent with the router. The SAE then sends stop events for all sessions where the corresponding provisioning in the router has been removed.

  • The SAE takes its local state to be the correct state and updates the router to be consistent with its local state.

  • The SAE does not solve the state discrepancy. It reports disparities through the SAE device driver event trap called routerConfOutOfSynch and through the info log.

Note that it is not possible to check the consistency of individual objects that the SAE provisions Therefore, modifications to a provisioning object while the SAE is disconnected from the router cannot be detected.