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Upgrading the System Software on a C Series Controller


You can upgrade all the system software or the software changes for an SRC component. If an image file (from which you upgrade) contains updates for all components or a number of components, you specify which component to upgrade if you do not want to upgrade all components.

However, it is recommended that you upgrade a number of components together rather than individual components separately.

For example:

For ease of use, you can manage upgrades for a number of C Series Controllers by copying a complete CD image file to be used for an upgrade to an FTP site in your network. You then upgrade each system by using the files on the FTP site. Alternatively, you can copy the contents of the CD to a USB drive and install from there.


You cannot upgrade the C Series Controller software to Release 4.8.0 and later from an earlier release by using the request system upgrade url url command, because SRC 4.8.0 and later releases use a different operating system (Centos 6.5). You must reimage the controller by using the USB storage device. For more information about using the USB storage device to reimage the controller, see Recovering or Installing System Software on a C Series Controller by Using the USB Storage Device Supplied by Juniper Networks.

When you install the SRC software from the USB storage device, all system software, including the operating system, is installed, and the system hard drives are partitioned. As a result, any data, including data previously in the snapshot partition (if you do not select the retainsnapshot option at the boot prompt during the installation), is lost.

To upgrade C Series Controller software:

  • Enter the request system upgrade command.

    where url is one of the following:

    • ftp://host/path—Path on an FTP site or on the local system

    • usb:—Local USB disk

    For example:

    The C Series Controller automatically reboots at the end of the upgrade.