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Recovering Data in a Community with One Primary Database and One Secondary Database (C-Web Interface)


In an environment in which a community includes one database assigned a primary role and another database assigned a secondary role, and the primary database is not operative, you must promote the secondary database to primary and reconfigure the inoperative primary database.

  1. On the database that has a secondary role, set the role to primary.

    1. Click Configure, expand System>LDAP>Server, and then click Community.

      The Community pane appears.

    2. In the Role box, select Primary, click Apply.

    3. In the side pane, click Commit.

  2. On the existing database that has a primary role, remove the neighbor as secondary and add it as primary.

    1. Click Configure, and expand System>LDAP>Server>Community.

      The Community pane appears.

    2. In the Secondary Neighbors box, remove the database that is to become the primary database.

    3. In the Primary Neighbors box, add the database, and click Apply.

    4. In the side pane, click Commit.