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Working in Configuration Mode with the SRC CLI


You configure the SRC software in configuration mode. Topics include:

Creating an SRC Configuration

You configure the SRC software by entering configuration mode and creating a hierarchy of configuration mode statements.

Users must have configure permission to view and use the configure command to enter configuration mode. When in configuration mode, users can view and modify only those statements for which they have access privileges set.

Entering Configuration Mode

To enter configuration mode:

  • Use the configure command.

When you enter configuration mode, the following configuration mode commands are available:

To enter configuration mode and lock the configuration to prevent other CLI or C-Web sessions from modifying the configuration in the database:

  • Use the configure exclusive command.

Exiting from Configuration Mode

To exit configuration mode:

  • Use the exit configuration-mode command from any level.


    Use the exit command from the top level.

    For example:

    If you try to exit from configuration mode by using the exit command and the configuration contains changes that have not been committed, you see a message: