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Configuring the Redirect Server (SRC CLI)

The redirect server on a C Series Controller manages IP layer redirection.

To configure the redirect server:

  1. Configure general properties for the redirect server.

    See Configuring General Properties for the Redirect Server (SRC CLI).

  2. Configure a connection from the redirect server to the directory.

    See Configuring a Connection Between the Redirect Server and the Directory (SRC CLI).

  3. (Optional) Define traffic to be forwarded to the redirect server. In most cases you can accept the default values—traffic destined for port 80 (Web requests) and forwarded from all interface on a C Series Controller.

    See Defining Traffic to Transmit to the Redirect Server (SRC CLI).

  4. (Optional) Configure the number of requests that the redirect server accepts.

    See Changing the Number of Requests That the Redirect Server Accepts (SRC CLI).

  5. (Optional) Configure the types of files for which the redirect server accepts requests.

    See Specifying Extensions for Files That the Redirect Server Accepts (SRC CLI).

  6. (Optional) For a configuration to support HTTP proxies, configure DNS. You can configure the DNS server included with the redirect server, or another DNS server on your network. If you use another DNS server, you do not need to configure the DNS server included with the redirect server.

    For information about configuring the DNS server included with the redirect server, see Configuring the DNS Server for the Redirect Server (SRC CLI).

  7. (Optional) Configure support for HTTP proxies.

    See Configuring the Redirect Server to Support HTTP Proxies (SRC CLI).

  8. (Optional) Configure support for HTTPS traffic redirection.

    See Configuring Redirect Server to Support HTTPS Traffic (SRC CLI).

  9. (Optional) Configure a redundant redirect server.

    See Configuring a Redundant Redirect Server (SRC CLI).

  10. Enable the redirect server.

    See Enabling the Redirect Server.

Related Documentation

Modified: 2017-08-03