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Creating a NIC Locator to Include with a Non-Java Application

A NIC locator provides the same functionality as a NIC proxy, but is designed to work with non-Java applications.

You use the NIC access interface module to include NIC locators with your application by compiling the IDL file with your application files.

To use the NIC access interface module to create NIC locators:

  1. Connect to the directory.
  2. Obtain a CORBA reference to the NIC access interface from one of the following:
    • The access IOR provided in the directory in the dynamic configuration DN under the hostname—typically, host/demohost.
    • A corbaloc URL in the format:
  3. From the NIC access interface module, obtain a NIC locator, as identified by NicFeature. For example:
    feature = access.getLocatorFeature(nicNameSpace); //nicNameSpace example “ /nicLocators/ip”

    In the NIC configuration scenarios, the syntax for a NIC locator is /nicLocators/<NIC key type> where.

    • nicLocators—Specifies all of the NIC locators in a NIC host.
    • <NIC key type>—Specifies the type of data that the key provides for the NIC resolution, such as ip, login, DN.
  4. Search for the key. For example:
    feature.lookupSingle(NicLocatorKey key) //NicLocatorKey is coming from the IDL

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Modified: 2017-08-03