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    Creating External Parent Groups in SRC Policies (SRC CLI)

    You use external parent group folders to organize external parent groups. To create an external parent group, first create the external parent group folder (or use an existing folder), then create the external parent group. Use the following configuration statement to create an external parent group folder and external parent group:

    policies external-parent-group-folder name external-parent-group name {description description ;}

    To create an external parent group folder and external parent group:

    1. From configuration mode, enter the edit external-parent-group-folder statement. For example, to create an external parent group called epg1-folder and a group called epg1:
      user@host# edit policies external-parent-group-folder epg1-folder external-parent-group epg1
    2. (Optional) Enter a description for the external parent group.
      [edit policies external-parent-group-folder epg1-folder external-parent-group epg1]user@host# set description description
    3. (Optional) Verify your external parent group configuration.
      [edit policies external-parent-group-folder epg1-folder external-parent-group epg1]
      description "External parent group for JunosE routers";

    Modified: 2013-07-19