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    Configuration Statements for the SSR Cluster

    Use the following statements to configure the SSR cluster at the [edit] hierarchy level:

    shared database cluster {primary;}
    shared database cluster primary nodes {geometry [(all-in-one | two-data-node | four-data-node | two-shared-data-node)];}
    shared database cluster primary nodes {node address address;platform [(C2000 | C3000 | C4000 | C5000)];type [(data-node | client-node | data-client-node)];}
    shared database cluster primary nodes node address client-node {management-server;}
    shared database cluster (primary) nodes database-size {data-memory data-memory;index-memory index-memory;}
    shared database cluster primary schema table subscriber-sessions field name { type [(int | string | binary)];size size;require-valueindexed;default default;variable-length;}
    shared database cluster primary attribute-associations table name field name name { sae-plugin-attribute sae-plugin-attribute ;}

    Modified: 2015-06-23