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    Managing Dynamic Services on RADIUS-Enabled Devices

    When you integrate the SIC, you can manage services on RADIUS-enabled devices in an SRC network. The SIC processes messages between the NAS device and the RADIUS server. You can configure the services, policies, and parameters with the SRC software independent of the NAS device. The SRC Diameter server communicates with the SIC Diameter server by using Diameter messages to dynamically manage services (like COPS and JSRC) for a subscriber session. The SIC converts the RADIUS messages (such as Access-Request and Accounting-Request) to Diameter requests. The SIC Diameter server forwards the Diameter request (such as AA-Request and Accounting-Request) to SRC Diameter server, which then forwards the Diameter request to the AAA device driver. The SIC Diameter server converts the Diameter messages to RADIUS messages and routes dynamic RADIUS requests to the NAS device (client or target), or to the accounting or authentication target. For more information about the SIC authentication, dynamic authorization, and accounting data flow processes, see RADIUS Authentication/Authorization and Accounting Data Flow.

    The SIC Diameter server forwards messages to the SRC Diameter server, which then forwards them to the AAA device driver in the SAE. These Diameter messages perform the following functions:

    • AAR—Attach the subscriber to the access network.
    • ACR—Provide accounting information.
    • ASR—Disconnect the subscriber.
    • PPR—Start, modify, or stop the service session; send message routing configuration.
    • STR—Detach the subscriber from the access network.

    You must configure NAS groups and an AAA device driver for each NAS group hosted by the SAE. You also need to configure the services, policies, and parameters that the SIC uses for service activation on the NAS device. You need to provide specific information for the service templates used by the SIC.

    Service templates list the parameters needed for service activation on a NAS device. The SIC has detailed knowledge about the specific NAS device so that it can use the services, policies, and parameters configured by the SRC software for managing services on the NAS device.

    Tasks to set up the management of services on RADIUS-enabled devices are:

    Modified: 2014-07-31