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    C3000 and C5000 Hard Disk Description

    The C3000 and C5000 Controllers ship with four 146-GB hard disks. The hard disks provide a fully redundant storage system on the controllers; all directories and files saved on one hard disk are also saved on the other hard disk. The hard disks can be installed in the hard disk slots and provide the following functions:

    • Mirroring—Copy data to more than one disk
    • Striping—Split data across more than one disk
    • Error correction—Provide redundant data storage to detect and resolve problems

    The controllers use a redundant array of independent disk (RAID) 1+0 configuration to store and replicate data among multiple hard disk drives. In a RAID 1+0 configuration, drives are striped for performance and duplicated for fault tolerance.

    Published: 2014-06-12