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    C3000 and C5000 Controller Data Storage

    A C Series Controller provides data redundancy by supplying four hard drives (or disks) in a redundant array of independent disks (RAID). Disks are configured as a RAID level-1 Enhanced (RAID 1E) array, which combines mirroring and striping for high performance and redundancy. If one disk becomes inoperable, the RAID controller switches read and write requests to the remaining functional drives in the array, which allows the C Series Controller to continue to function.

    When you replace a faulty disk, or disable and then enable a disk, the RAID controller copies the data from the other disks in the array to the new or enabled disk and establishes mirroring and striping for the disk array.

    The disks mount from the front of the chassis on both the C3000 and C5000 systems.

    When you access the disks in the disk mount:

    • Disk 0 is on the top left.
    • Disk 1 is on the bottom left.
    • Disk 2 is on the top right.
    • Disk 3 is on the bottom right.

    Published: 2014-06-12