Enterprise Routing and Switching, Expert (JNCIE-ENT)

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The Enterprise Routing and Switching track enables you to demonstrate competence with networking technology in general and Juniper Networks enterprise routing and switching platforms. JNCIE-ENT is at the pinnacle of the enterprise routing and switching certification track. The practical exam is designed to validate your ability to deploy, configure, manage and troubleshoot Junos-based enterprise routing and switching platforms.

Throughout the 6-hour exam, you will build an enterprise network infrastructure consisting of multiple routers and switching devices. You will perform system configuration on all devices and configure protocols and features, such as IGPs, BGP, EVPN, Layer 2 features, routing policies, and class of service.

This track includes four certifications:

  • JNCIA-Junos: Junos, Associate. For details, see JNCIA-Junos.
  • JNCIS-ENT: Enterprise Routing and Switching, Specialist. For details, see JNCIS-ENT.
  • JNCIP-ENT: Enterprise Routing and Switching, Professional. For details, see JNCIP-ENT.
  • JNCIE-ENT: Enterprise Routing and Switching, Expert. For details, see the sections below.

Exam Preparation

We recommend the following resources to help you prepare for your exam. However, these resources aren't required, and using them doesn't guarantee you'll pass the exam.

Recommended Training

Exam Resources

Additional Preparation

Exam Objectives

Here’s a high-level view of the skillset required to successfully complete the JNCIE-ENT certification exam.

Exam Objective



On-box and off-box scripts

  • Commit, OP, and event scripts
  • PyEZ scripts


Junos Space

  • Importing devices into Network Manager
  • Configuration Management

Class of Service

CoS configuration and troubleshoot

  • Multiple queues
  • BA classifier
  • Multifield classifier
  • Rewrite rules
  • Policers


EVPN configuration and troubleshoot


OSPFv2, OSPFv3, and IS-IS

  • Authentication
  • Multi-area OSPF
  • NSSA
  • IPv4 routes using OSPFv3


Routing policy


BGP troubleshoot and configuration

  • Multi-ISP routing
  • IBGP route-reflector
  • Resolution of BGP Hidden Routes


BGP route-selection process

  • IBGP, LOCAL_PREF, AS-Path, Prepend/MED
  • Protocol preferences
  • BGP communities


BGP routing policy

System Setup

Device-level security

  • Securing local control plane



  • AE interface
  • LACP
  • VRRP


System-level configurations

  • SNMP
  • System logging
  • User account
  • DHCP services
  • NTP

Layer 2 Switching and Security

Virtual Chassis



  • IRB interfaces
  • Private VLAN
  • 802.1Q tunneling
  • Native VLAN


Spanning tree protocols

  • Root bridges, root ports, designated ports
  • Various guards for Spanning Tree


POE and telephony functions

  • VoIP VLAN assignments, VoIP class of service
  • POE and LLDP-MED


Layer 2 security

  • DAI, DHCP snooping, storm control
  • Layer 2 interface security features

Protocol Independent Routing

Protocol independent routing policy

  • Aggregate, generate, qualified next hops, and static routes


Filter-based forwarding


GRE tunnels

Exam Details

Exam questions are derived from the recommended training and the exam resources listed above. The exam is only provided in English.

Exam Code


Prerequisite Certification

Delivered by

Exam Length

6 hours

Exam Type

Hands-on lab exam

Software Versions

  • vMX Virtual Router: 18.3
  • EX Series Switch: 18.4
  • Junos Space Network Director: 3.5


Juniper certifications are valid for three years. For more information, see Recertification.