Certification Program Policies

Candidate Agreement

Following are policies pertaining to the candidate agreement, conduct, correspondence, privacy, candidate identification and authentication, disability, cancellation, retake, exam scoring and exam retirement policies. For information about security policies pertaining to your exam, see Exam Security.

Important Note: Referenced below is the Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) Candidate Agreement. Remember to read and be familiar with this agreement before your exam appointment. You will be required to accept the Candidate Agreement before beginning your exam.

The JNCP consists of platform-specific, multitiered tracks that include both written proficiency exams and hands-on configuration and troubleshooting exams. Successful candidates demonstrate a thorough understanding of Internet and security technologies and competence configuring and troubleshooting Juniper platforms.

General Certification Policies

Please review the following JNCP policies thoroughly to ensure your full understanding. These policies and procedures will change on occasion. Significant changes will be announced on this webpage and by e-mail to the e-mail address provided in your CertMetrics profile. It is important that you keep your contact information updated in CertMetrics so you can receive important program updates.



CertMetrics Demographic Information

For Juniper Network employees, it is required to include ‘Juniper Networks’ as your company name and your Juniper Networks email address as the ‘Primary’ email address in your CertMetrics account.

For partners of Juniper Networks, please include your company name and your company email address as the ‘Primary’ email address in your CertMetrics account. Including your company name and company email address ensures your company receives credit for your certifications.

Candidate Agreement

All content—specifically questions, answers, and diagrams of the certification exams—are the proprietary and confidential property of Juniper Networks. This content may not be copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way without the express authorization of Juniper Networks.

Candidates who sit for Juniper Networks certification exams must agree that they have read and will abide by the terms and conditions of the Certification Candidate Agreement before beginning the certification exam. The agreement applies to all exams and is presented for candidate approval and signature at the beginning of all exam attempts. Signing and adhering to this agreement is required to be officially certified and to maintain valid certification.

We encourage all exam takers to read and thoroughly understand this agreement BEFORE sitting for your test.


Candidates must take no action that compromises the integrity or confidentiality of any Juniper Networks certification exam or certification program. Prohibited actions are described in the Certification Candidate Agreement and in the JNCP Exam Security webpage. Penalties for violating the policy can include revoking exam results and banning candidates from the JNCP.


All official correspondence to certified candidates is sent to the e-mail or other address recorded in the JNCP CertMetrics credential management tool. Candidates are responsible for updating their personal information in CertMetrics to ensure receipt of official correspondence, achievement certificates, and other notices.


Juniper Networks respects our candidates’ privacy and is committed to protect the personal information shared with us. The Juniper Networks Certification Candidate Agreement and these Policies and Procedures describe how we collect and use your personal information.

Program status for all JNCP participants is tracked through various tools, both internal and external to Juniper Networks. These tools (databases) are secure with strictly limited access. The overall content classification for this information is “Juniper Networks Company Confidential” and must be handled consistently with Juniper Networks corporate policy on information privacy. For more information regarding Juniper Networks privacy policy, see Juniper Privacy Policy.

Internal and external organizations that pursue the JNCP designations require status reports regarding individual and organizational progress. The following guidelines outline the policies and procedures for processing requests for information, including individual and organizational status. Specific requests outside these guidelines are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis by the Juniper Networks Certification Program Office. All out-of-scope requests will be documented and reported to the Juniper Networks Certification Program Manager.

Individual progress reports/transcripts. Individual certification status is confidential. Individuals’ requests for their own personal progress reports are directed to CertMetrics. This tool provides information such as exams attempted, progress toward certification, and certification status. Program participants may publish their credentials to a third party by using the CertMetrics Publish Credentials tool or by posting their digital credential on various social media sites.

Juniper Networks internal organizational requests. The JNCP provides a corporate-level skills assessment, which is directly related to the corporation’s ability to perform services. The following information is considered public information to Juniper Networks management:

  • Number certified by track and level
  • Number certified by organization, by track and level
  • Partner status by track and level
  • Customer status by track and level

Juniper Networks external organizational requests. Customers and partners make significant investments in training and testing related to the Juniper Networks Certification Program. Status reports directly related to their investment are requested to assess corporate status and partner qualifications. To request external status information on customers and partners, the requestor must submit in writing (e-mail) a brief description of what information is required and the business justification.

Juniper Networks will, under situations described above, share certified status. We will not share individual exam-level information such as pass/fail information, individual score, exams attempted, and number of exam attempts.

Candidate Identification and Authentication

The Pearson VUE admission process and lab exam verification process requires one type of personal identification. The identification must have the candidate’s signature and must be a government-issued photo identification. Individual CertMetrics, Pearson VUE accounts must be registered to your legal name as indicated on your government-issued identification and must match in both accounts. Also, exam registrations must be submitted under candidates’ legal names registered to their CertMetrics accounts. Failure to submit exam registration under the same legal name registered to the CertMetrics account may result in inability to attempt the exam.

OnVUE Online Proctored Exam Facial Comparison Policy

You understand and agree that Pearson VUE may use facial comparison technology for the purpose of verifying your identity during the testing process. It will compare your facial image to the one on your identification and to facial images captured during the testing process and help us further develop, upgrade, and improve this application. If you do not agree to the use of facial comparison technology during your testing session, do not accept this term. You will not be able to complete your registration online. Instead, please call the Pearson VUE call center to complete your registration.


If you require special assistance to complete your Juniper Networks written or lab exam, submit a support ticket with the Juniper Networks Education Services Helpdesk to make arrangements.


Certification status for exams expires after three years. Reminders will be sent to the e-mail address in CertMetrics. Please refer to the Recertification webpage for the requirements regarding your particular certification.

Exam Retirement

When an exam retires it might or might not be replaced by another exam. Although exams are retired, the credentials earned from those exams remain valid and eligible for certification benefits through their normal three-year lifespan before recertification is required.

Logo Guidelines

Certified candidates may only use certification logos, certificates, and other program brand collateral as provided and in accordance with the published Certification Graphics Usage from Juniper Networks Style Guide. Individuals or entities that misuse certification logos, certificates, or other collateral might be subject to penalties up to and including being banned from the JNCP.

Certified candidates may download their applicable logos directly from their CertMetrics account in the Downloads Center.


Upon passing a JNCIE exam, you will receive an email at the address listed in your CertMetrics account notifying you of your JNCIE kit reward. You will have 60 days from the receipt of this email to confirm your physical mailing address within your CertMetrics account to claim the award. If your award is not claimed within the 60-day window, we will be unable to provide you with this complimentary award.

Exam Retake Policies



Written Exams

Candidates who fail their first attempt at an exam can retake it at any time. However, for any future attempts, a candidate must wait a period of 14 calendar days, beginning the day after the failed attempt, before they may retest for the same exam. Once the exam is passed, the candidate must wait at least 18 months before retaking the exam, which would generally be for recertification purposes.

Lab Exams

  • Candidates who fail a lab exam must wait 14 calendar days before attempting again. These exams require significant support from proctors, other Juniper Networks staff, and lab equipment. The 14-day waiting period is required to ensure the candidate has had sufficient time to do more preparation to pass the exam. On the subsequent attempts, a manager’s approval is required.
  • We will not double-book a single candidate for a lab exam (that is, make two reservations at the same time for the same exam). Candidates must fail an exam before registering again.
  • Once passed, a lab exam may not be taken again.
  • Candidates who do not follow these policies are in violation of the JNCP Candidate Agreement and are subject to action as defined in the JNCP Exam Security website.

Cancellation Policies



Written Exams

If you want to cancel or reschedule an exam, you must contact Pearson VUE one business day prior to your scheduled exam appointment. Canceling or rescheduling an exam less than 24 hours before the appointment is subject to a same-day forfeit exam fee. Exam fees are due for no-shows.

Lab Exams

To view the lab exam cancellation policy, go to the JNCP Lab Exam Scheduling website.

JNCP Exam Grading and Results Evaluation Policies



Lab Exam Grading

All Lab Exams are graded by qualified JNCP Lab Exam Proctors.

  • An email notification is sent once the candidate’s JNCP Lab Exam Results Card is available in CertMetrics (JNCP Lab Exam results are not sent via email)
  • Results are available within 5 business days from the exam date, unless otherwise indicated

JNCP Lab Exam Results Cards indicate Pass/Fail status and include overall exam score in addition to scores by exam section

Lab Exam Results Evaluation

  • Lab Exam Results Evaluations are available for all of the lab exams
  • Lab Exam Results Evaluations are $250 USD; At this time, credit card is the only accepted payment method and refunds are only issued if results are updated from a fail to a passing grade
  • Lab Exam Results Evaluation requests must be made within 14 days of receiving lab exam results
  • Lab Exam Results Evaluations take up to four (4) weeks to complete from the date payment is received, unless otherwise indicated
  • Lab Exam Results Evaluations are limited to one per exam attempt
  • Lab Exam Results Evaluations cannot be cancelled once the review process has been initiated
  • Candidates receive an email notification containing the results of the evaluation; The evaluation results either confirm the initial grade or indicate the grade is being updated from fail to pass; No additional feedback or comments regarding the exam results are provided
  • No discount or vouchers are provided if the evaluation results in an update from fail to pass
  • Candidates may schedule their next lab exam attempt before receiving the results of the evaluation, but will not be given a refund if they cancel that registration within the cancellation policy window (please see below).
  • No exceptions or waivers to the JNCP Lab Exam Cancellation Policy are granted as a result of a JNCP Lab Exam Results Evaluation

Note: See Juniper Networks Certified Expert Lab Exams for instructions on requesting a Lab Exam Results Evaluation. 

Written Exam Grading

  • Passing scores are set by using statistical analysis for each individual test. Passing scores might not be consistent across all exams.
  • At the completion of a written exam, candidates receive a score report along with a score breakout by exam section and the passing score for the given exam. Juniper Networks does not publish exam passing scores.

Provisional Written Exam Scoring

Candidates who achieve a passing score receive a ‘Provisional Exam Score Report’ after completing their JNCP exam at a Pearson VUE testing center. The score included on this report is not final.

Juniper Networks then performs industry standard statistical analyses on all exam results to ensure compliance with the Juniper Networks Candidate Agreement and JNCP exam security policies.

  • Exam results that are determined valid are available in CertMetrics within three (3) business days of the exam.
  • Exam results that are identified as aberrant and outside an acceptable statistical range are invalidated because Juniper Networks is unable to certify that the candidate has demonstrated valid measures of their ability as sampled by the exam. The candidate is notified via email of exam retake options, if applicable.

Juniper Networks reserves the right to revise an exam score anytime after testing if there is any evidence of misconduct, exam security violations or scoring inaccuracies.