Packet Optical

Juniper's single-box Packet Optical convergence solutions help operators simplify operations, lower transport costs, and tap new revenue opportunities.

View of front with top Network Router for Juniper ACX7100 series
Front with Top view of ACX Series 5448 Router

The ACX5400 Series of 1U routers provide power-efficient metro aggregation and support full IP/MPLS functionality. They deliver the performance required for efficient 1/10GbE-to-100GbE metro aggregation, MACsec security, and packet-optical convergence.

Front with top view of ACX Series 6160 Router

The ACX6000 1U routers offer a dense solution for converging IP and optical transport. They provide Open ROADM-compliant transponder functionality for metro, cloud connect, and distributed access architecture (DAA)/R-PHY deployments.

Front with Top View of MX 240 Router

The SDN-enabled MX240 Universal Routing Platform delivers unprecedented scale for advanced business and residential multi-service edge applications and services requiring power and space efficiency. The MX240 Universal Routing Platform has 3 Tbps of capacity in a 5 RU, 3 slot chassis, and delivers inline MACsec without performance penalties on 10 GbE, 40 GbE and 100 GbE interfaces.

Front with Top View of MX 480 Router

The SDN-enabled MX480 Universal Routing Platform offers unprecedented scale for service provider and cloud applications, enabling the delivery of advanced business and residential multi-service edge services. The MX480 Universal Routing Platform delivers 7.5 Tbps of system capacity that supports inline MACsec without performance penalties for 10/40/100 GbE interfaces. It is also a carrier-grade platform with extensive automation capabilities.

Front with Top View of MX 960 Router

The SDN-enabled MX960 Universal Routing Platform is a high performance, carrier-grade, multiservice edge platform with unprecedented scale for service provider and cloud applications. The MX960 enables inline MACsec support without performance penalties on 10, 40 GbE and 100 GbE, and delivers 12 Tbps of system capacity in a 12 slot chassis supporting dense 100 GbE, 400 GbE interfaces. Similar to the other MX Series Universal Router Platforms, the MX960 has extensive carrier-grade capabilities.

Front with Top View of PTX 10016 Router

The modular PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX10016 Packet Transport Routers directly address the massive bandwidth demands placed on networks today and in the foreseeable future. They bring ultra-high port density, native 400GE and 800GE inline MACsec, and latest generation ASIC investment to the most demanding WAN and data center architectures.


QFX10008 and QFX10016 Switches support the most demanding data center, campus, and routing environments. With our custom silicon Q5 ASICs, deep buffers, and up to 96 Tbps throughput, these switches deliver flexibility and capacity for long-term investment protection.

JCO400 Coherent Optical Transceivers

400G ZR/ZR+ coherent DWDM transceivers are essential to any metro network modernization strategy. Juniper’s JCO400 series delivers best-in-class performance and innovative software integrations to simplify the configuration and management of a converged packet-optical architecture.