Network Automation

Demand more from your network.

Today’s customers expect agile, assured, and secured WAN and data center network services. Meeting those expectations requires an automation-led approach that simplifies multivendor networks and guarantees service quality, from design through everyday operations.

Network automation reduces human errors and simplifies planning, design, and operations. The result is a more predictable, reliable, and sustainable network. 

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The Future of Network Automation

Why 80% of DIY automation projects fail and how to keep yours from being one of them.

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Network planning and simulation software lets you optimize network usage without impacting network performance.

Powerful and flexible traffic engineering software simplifies and automates provisioning, management, and monitoring of Segment Routing and IP/MPLS flows across large networks.

Cloud-native test and service assurance software provides Layer 2-7 active measurements across physical and multicloud networks.

Cloud-native, multivendor, multidomain monitoring and analytics software uses machine learning algorithms to provide actionable network and service insights.

Intent-based networking software automates the entire network lifecycle, from design through everyday operations, across multivendor data centers with continuous validation, powerful analytics, and root-cause identification to assure reliability.


Dimension Data automatically validates performance of its intelligent network

Digital transformation helps organizations accelerate innovation and drive operational efficiency. To help its clients unlock the power of digital in today’s hybrid IT world, Dimension Data built an intelligent network connecting 11 data centers on two continents.

Building an intelligent infrastructure was a high-stakes effort. To enable the network to work as expected from the first day and forward, Dimension Data relied on Juniper Paragon Active Assurance and Juniper Paragon Active Assurance Deployment Services for active testing and monitoring. 

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The Feed: Paragon On-Boarding Demo

Learn how Paragon Automation as a Service readies your cloud metro routers for service in minutes.

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Discover automated service activation and testing that accelerate SLA-compliant service delivery.
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