ZF Group drives the future of autonomous vehicles over campus-to-cloud network foundation

Behind the magic of self-driving cars and trucks is groundbreaking engineering that enables vehicles to see, think, and act. That’s the mission of ZF Group, a world leader in next-generation mobility systems for autonomous driving, electric vehicles, vehicle safety, and vehicle motion controls. 

Realizing that future of transportation demands business agility, and ZF Group relies on the high-performance, scalability, and programmability of Juniper networking from campus to cloud.


Company ZF Group
Industry Manufacturing
Products used Wired Assurance
Region EMEA
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Locations have AI-driven networking

Agile data network underpins hybrid cloud


Creating the systems that enable vehicles to see, think, and act

“Successful digital transformation requires companies to deliver applications to users anywhere, at any time, and on any device,” says Dr. Rolf Reinema, vice president workplace, infrastructure, operations, and IT security at ZF. “ZF’s existing network technology could not support the rapidly changing requirements of the disruptive digital business transformation of ZF towards becoming a software- and data-driven company.”

“To support digital technology adoption and improve user experiences, companies must adopt an IT vision with an agile data network at its core,” Dr. Reinema continues. “Cloud-based applications enable new business models, provide greater business agility, and support the adoption of key technologies such as unified communications, video, and other latency-sensitive applications. The increasing use of IoT devices also means that modern networks need to scale rapidly without adding further complexity.” 

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Automation delivers new levels of efficiency as the business grows

ZF’s transformation to a software- and data-driven company requires a highly robust and flexible network to enable connected applications, data analytics, and AI and machine learning-based solutions, together with the fast adoption of innovative cloud technologies and solutions.

Cloud-based resources and applications are key components of any digital business, extending the agility and elasticity requirements demanded of the network. This requires a network architecture and fabric that can accommodate without compromising security or performance. User demands for anytime, anywhere access and high levels of responsiveness are becoming harder to achieve with traditional network architectures and technologies.

ZF incorporated disruptive network technologies such as AI, machine learning, automation, and software-defined networking, while reducing costs and complexity, to reflect current and future requirements for its digital business and future success. With a scalable and adaptable network fabric, ZF’s hybrid multicloud platform has the performance, scalability, and reliability to deliver on its diverse business needs.

“Juniper’s data center IP fabric solution, based on a VXLAN overlay with an EVPN control plane, is an efficient and scalable way for ZF to build campus networks and interconnect multiple campuses, private and public clouds,” says Dr. Reinema.

In addition to using Juniper QFX Series Switches in the data centers, ZF is rolling out Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches and Juniper Mist Wired Assurance with the goal of refreshing 400 office locations in a short period of time. 

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Inventing the future of driverless transportation and clean energy

“Flexibility is key because IT is always under pressure,” says Patrick Arvaj, manager of IT network platforms at ZF. “In the past, it was good enough for IT to support business processes. Now, IT enables the business, and as business situations change rapidly, our network can adapt.”

A flexible, consistent foundation from campus to cloud is essential to ensuring that IT is a business enabler as ZF invents the future of driverless transportation and clean energy.

“For us, it’s about the power of choice,” says Arvaj. “All of the building blocks, designs, and configuration setups allowed through Juniper exactly fit our needs.”

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“Juniper is a great example of enabling the power of choice to use vendor-specific solutions. It’s crucial to IT’s success that we can provide solutions to the business without any risk of vendor lock-in.”
Patrick Arvaj Manager of IT Network Platforms, ZF

Published November 2021