Vocus New Zealand Transforms for Bandwidth-Hungry Future

The past decade has been a time of tremendous growth and disruption for Vocus New Zealand. Mergers and acquisitions plus a massive, government-supported spike in demand for broadband required a business transformation at New Zealand’s third largest broadband provider.


Company Vocus Communications
Industry Telecommunications
Products used MX960MX480MX204QFX5100EX4300EX2300SRX345
Region APAC
Vocus Communications Image
"We align with Juniper’s story of simplicity, network reliability, and smart engineering. A Juniper network ensures that we can continue to grow our customer base across all our unique markets."
Stephen Kurzeja CTO, Vocus New Zealand

Business Challenge

Vocus completely transformed its network with Juniper, unleashing opportunity, increasing revenue, and attracting new customers for retail, corporate, and wholesale business services. Vocus accomplished an aggressive transformation to Juniper, from core to edge, in just 18 months.