Toob Brings Blazing Internet to Underserved UK Homes with a Simplified Network

On the southern coast of England, broadband provider Toob is beating the competition with an extraordinary service plan. Toob offers download speeds 16x faster and upload speeds 125x faster than the United Kingdom average—and the price point is only £25 a month.


Company Toob
Industry Telecommunications
Products used MX10003QFX5200EX2300
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Businesses and consumers who want an amazing internet experience


Subscriber base rapidly by delivering on promise of power, performance, and price


Operational costs through automated provisioning


an aggressive buildout schedule by working with a single vendor for core and aggregation infrastructure



Toob’s unique broadband service delivers 900 Mbps speeds on both download and upload over its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network. While other providers try to stay relevant in the region, Toob is winning households filled with remote workers, school-age learners, gamers, video streamers, and shoppers. Alongside residential customers, businesses are also making the switch to Toob broadband, helping to improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

As a hardworking broadband provider, Toob has set an eight-year plan to build out a full fibre network that passes by 1 million homes and businesses in south England. Accomplishing this aggressive timeline and delivering a one-of-a-kind Internet experience means that Toob must have a networking technology provider that is completely in sync with its goals.

“We didn’t want a complicated multivendor network,” says Sean Teggart, technology director at Toob. “We wanted to keep overhead at a minimum and reduce operational costs wherever possible. Juniper gave us exactly what we needed in our critical core and aggregation layers. Juniper was a one-stop shop.”

When Toob executives first began laying out their business plan, they knew FTTH provided the most opportunities. According to Toob CEO Nick Parbutt, only 8 percent of premises in the UK have fibre access. The management team, all with experience at the world’s largest telecom brands, were confident that FTTH was the next area of vast potential in broadband business. To set themselves apart, they decided to focus on the niche of smaller, underserved regions.

 “Nobody was targeting those areas, so we moved in and started building out the network as soon as possible,” Teggart says.

Toob Challenge


Toob uses the Juniper Networks QFX5200 Ethernet Switch for its core network, ensuring that subscribers have an exceptional low-latency experience. QFX5200 switches are also used to aggregate all incoming traffic from the edge platform that connects the fibre to subscriber homes. Toob uses the EX2300 Ethernet Switch for out-of-band management. EX2300 switches are deployed in a Virtual Chassis configuration, which allows multiple interconnected platforms to be managed as a single, logical device, delivering always-on reliability for the diverse group of applications traveling the Toob network.

Security both inside and outside the network perimeter is handled by Juniper’s SRX4100 Services Gateway. These integrated next-generation firewalls protect the Toob network from cyberattacks and advanced threats, enabling the provider to achieve unified threat management for app security, antivirus, and antispam.

Toob Solution


Customers love the easy onboarding they get from Toob. After ordering the service, Toob customers experience a completely automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) environment that takes them along the full life cycle from order to network provisioning to end-of-life support. “We achieved a level of automation that we only dreamed of in the past,” Teggart says. “Juniper helped us eliminate lots of overhead to help us keep our prices down.”

Self-service and automation mean that Toob can offer its monthly service at £25 per month—a price point that beats every competitive broadband service in the region. “Our low price makes some customers wonder if there’s a catch. They are coming around, though, and realizing we are offering a better way to get broadband,” Teggart says. “Our ability to offer 900 Mbps upload and download speeds with Juniper at one low price separates us from everyone out there.”

Since first engaging with Juniper, Toob has been consistently impressed with the team’s proactiveness. “Juniper has provided everything we have asked for without us having to wait or chase them,” Teggart says. “When I compare it to past experiences where the budgets were much larger, Juniper far outscores any provider.”

Toob Outcome
Sean Teggart, Technology Director, Toob
"To provide a full fiber product at our price point requires having a network that is both simple and powerful. We couldn’t make this offer without Juniper solutions."
Sean Teggart Technology Director, Toob

Published March 2020