Psychz Networks Turns Up Services Fast with Automated Global Network

Not all companies have the leadership and culture to be a market disrupter, but Psychz Networks has made innovation its mission. Back in 2001, Psychz Networks was a pioneer in web hosting, and today it delivers bare metal servers, colocation, backup, content delivery, IP transit, and DDoS mitigation. It counts Verizon, Baidu, and XO among its 10,000 customers.


Company Psychz Networks
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX204MX240MX480MX960QFX5100EX3400EX4300
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Minute order-to-deployment time for bare-metal servers 


Data centers with scaled global network connecting over 6 Tbps lines


Cost efficiencies with higher router port densities and lower power consumption



To meet growing demand for services, Psychz recently expanded its global network connecting 16 data centers to 6 Tbps lines. Psychz Networks relies on Juniper networking to deliver exceptional experiences to users anywhere in the world.

“Customer usage is more amplified than ever before,” says William Lu, CEO of Psychz Networks. “Applications need more bandwidth, and we expect that even 100 gig isn’t enough for the future.”

Since migrating to Juniper networking for its global infrastructure, Psychz Networks can turn up computing power, storage, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings faster than it ever could before.

“Before customers would order and wait one to two weeks for implementation,” Lu says. “With Juniper’s network automation, a customer anywhere in the world can order a bare-metal server from our website, and it’s deployed in 15 to 30 minutes.

Customer response to instant provisioning has been overwhelmingly positive. “Customers don’t like waiting,” Lu says. “They don’t have the patience.”

Psychz Networks Challenge


Psychz Networks uses Juniper’s MX960 and MX240 Universal Routing Platform for its global network. The MX204 Universal Routing Platform is also used for peering.

The MX204, a compact, high-density router with optimized power, keeps operating costs under control. “The density and power usage of MX204 routers have been very helpful in countries like Japan and Singapore where power is expensive,” Lu says.

In Psychz Networks data centers, Juniper’s MX480 Universal Routing Platform provides the foundation for delivering applications and services to customers. The line of Juniper QFX5100 Switches provides aggregation and is deployed in a Virtual Chassis configuration for network resiliency and simplified operations. Juniper’s EX3400 and EX4300 Ethernet Switches are used for distribution.

Rack n’ Stack has been a trusted solution provider to Psychz Networks since the beginning. We were deploying new Juniper equipment really quickly, and Rack n’ Stack took care of everything around procurement,” Lu says. “We were able to stay completely hands off.”

Rack n’ Stack configures and ships Juniper equipment to virtually anywhere customers need. “Every device arrives assembled and configured so all the site has to do is plug it in,” Stolz says. “Our goal is to help our data center customers go to market faster with new services so they can make money.”

Psychz Networks Solution


Psychz Networks is looking ahead to its next growth phase, including expanding its services in the U.S. and Europe.

“We plan to introduce a new gaming service and continue with our on-demand services that attract new customers,” Lu says. “With Juniper and Rack n’ Stack as our network partners, we can deliver amazing customer experiences and compelling services that will keep our customer base growing.”

An agile global infrastructure lets Psychz Networks pivot as new opportunities emerge. “Having a Juniper network lets us target more niches that need computing power at a moment’s notice,” Lu says. “A Juniper network has been great for business.”

Psychz Networks Outcome
"Before customers would order and wait one to two weeks for implementation. With Juniper’s network automation, a customer anywhere in the world can order a bare-metal server from our website, and it’s deployed in 15 to 30 minutes."
William Lu CEO, Psychz Network

Published November 2020