Gearing up to reduce data center down time 33 percent

PEER 1 Hosting decided to improve energy, operations, and management efficiency by migrating from a shared to a dedicated infrastructure. It built its own state-of-the-art data center to achieve those goals.

PEER 1 Hosting offers a full range of colocation, dedicated, and managed, hosting services to customers wanting to offer Internet applications while maintaining performance and uptime. This includes value-added solutions and requirements such as 3D graphics processing and Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant security levels.


Company Peer 1 Hosting
Industry Service Provider
Products used EX SeriesMX Series
Region EMEA
"We already use Juniper Networks in some of our other data centers and are pleased with the performance of the technology. When it came to the new UK data center, we were focused on providing secure user services for our customers and reducing our energy consumption across the board."
Dominic Monkhouse EMEA Managing Director, PEER 1 Hosting

Business Challenge

To reduce data center downtime and meet power efficiency targets, PEER 1 Hosting needed the ability to manage and control its own dedicated network infrastructure. It also wanted to reduce the impact of any DDoS attacks on its customers.

Business Solution

Juniper technology was initially put to the test by handling internal traffic only. But soon, the EX Series Ethernet Switches with Virtual Chassis technology started routing external traffic as well, and the result was a robust process which didn’t report any errors. Finally, the decision was made to deploy Juniper Networks as the sole network provider throughout the data center.

Business Results

Getting your data where it needs to be fast and reliably is a PEER 1 Hosting motto, and this is exactly what Juniper Networks is helping it to achieve. The latest facility is also one of the most energy efficient data centers in the UK.

"The Juniper solution has helped PEER 1 Hosting reduce downtime by approximately 33 percent compared to our previous infrastructure."
Liam Enticknap EMEA Network Operations Engineer at PEER 1 Hosting