Global manufacturer extends enterprise network to mainland China with Juniper Session Smart Routing

Össur is a global leader in prosthetic, osteoarthritis, and injury solutions. The company operates in over 25 countries and has a presence on four continents, including an office in Shanghai that provides customer service, clinical support, and marketing assistance for Asia and Asia Pacific. Össur utilizes the Juniper Session Smart SD-WAN solution to securely and reliably connect their Shanghai office network to the rest of their network while complying with China Cybersecurity Law (CSL).


Company Össur
Industry Healthcare
Products used Session Smart Router
Region APAC
Patient receiving osteoarthritis injury care with an Össur knee brace
Customer Success At-a-glance


Shanghai office connected in less than three weeks

Improved collaboration and productivity

Employees in China have full access to corporate applications and IT services

User experiences

Application-aware routing ensures high service quality for latency-sensitive traffic


Protects data privacy and meets regulatory requirements


Provide fast, secure, and compliant cross-border network connectivity

For years, the Shanghai office was poorly connected via MPLS to the company’s private network to comply with the China Cybersecurity Law (CSL), which imposes strict rules for handling traffic originating from China. The company’s incumbent solution relied on an MPLS tunneling scheme that impeded traffic management, inhibited CSL compliance, and prevented Össur from reliably connecting the Shanghai location to the Össur network.

Employees in China were often isolated from the rest of the business, unable to access critical corporate applications and IT services. The company sought a dependable way to extend its enterprise network to Shanghai while enabling CSL compliance.

Ossur 2

ambiFOX-managed SD-WAN service using Session Smart Routing

Össur turned to ambiFOX, a leading-edge German managed service provider (MSP), for help. The ambiWAN-managed SD-WAN service uses the Juniper Session Smart SD-WAN (formerly 128 Technology) solution to provide fast, secure, reliable connectivity to mainland China. The solution features a tunnel-free architecture that eliminates the bandwidth inefficiencies and routing constraints of legacy SD-WAN products, allowing ambiFOX to provide cost-effective cross-border connectivity while adhering to China’s strict regulatory and legal requirements. The Session Smart Routing portfolio is CSL-compliant, runs on a variety of hypervisors and CSL-compliant servers, and supports zero-touch provisioning for fast setup and easy administration—with no site visits.

The offering is deployed in multiple public cloud data centers around the world, terminating in Session Smart SD-WAN instances deployed in Össur offices in the United States, Germany, and China. The solution intelligently routes traffic based on policies and real-time network conditions, automatically selecting the right path, for the right application, at the right time to ensure high availability and service quality. Unlike legacy SD-WAN, this solution manages and controls traffic at the edge, allowing ambiFOX to break out traffic originating from China locally to enforce CSL compliance.


Fast, efficient, and secure WAN connectivity

ambiFOX deployed the Session Smart SD-WAN solution and had the Shanghai office fully operational in a matter of weeks—in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak—without having to ship out any special-purpose hardware or send technicians on-site. The ambiWAN service helps Össur streamline communications, improve collaboration, and boost worker productivity. Employees in China can now seamlessly access Össur corporate directory services, unified communications platforms, office productivity suites, and other enterprise applications and IT services.

The service helps Össur improve end-user experiences by ensuring high service quality for delay-sensitive applications, avoid risk and uncertainty by ensuring secure, reliable, and compliant connectivity, and free IT staff and budget by eliminating operations expense and complexity.

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"We accomplished in three weeks what we were unable to achieve in five years with MPLS."
Einar Dagfinnur Klemensson Platform owner, data center and networking, Össur

Published April 2021