Anticipate growth with fully scalable infrastructure.

Given customer and traffic growth, Neo Telecoms was challenged to cost-effectively manage more and more 10GbE ports. The company also wanted to increase network redundancy by doubling the core routers at separate sites.

As a wholesale operator in the French fixed Internet market, Neo Telecoms offers dark fiber to 600 plus data-intensive enterprises, hosting companies, and telecom operators for high-speed IP connectivity, datacenter services, private networks, and cloud computing services.


Company Neo Telecoms
Industry Telecommunications
Products used Junos OSMX SeriesMX960
Region EMEA
Neo Telecoms Image
"The move from our previous supplier to Juniper enabled us to scale our network quickly and cost-effectively and deliver innovative services to our customers, with operational efficiency."
Christian De Balorre Head of Engineering, Neo Telecoms

Business Challenge

Due to the market success of Neo Telecoms’ offerings, its network traffic has recorded an incredible ten-fold increase every four years since 2000. The company needed a high-performance, scalable network with a clear upgrade path to accommodate a 100GbE port requirement. Reliability and network redundancy were important decision making factors as well.

Business Solution

Upgrading the MX960 chassis with new 100GbE CFP interfaces required a Junos OS upgrade to the latest version. Similarly, the switch control boards (SCBs), which provide the communication between the different line cards, needed to be upgraded to accommodate the increased traffic per slot. Neo Telecoms conducted extensive proof-of-concept testing in Juniper’s Amsterdam laboratory, and all results met or exceeded expectations.

Business Results

A complex, multiple 10GbE bundle has now been consolidated with one 100GbE circuit. Over 3,000 BGP sessions run on the network infrastructure, which remains stable and available throughout. Network management, network design, and service delivery have been significantly simplified, and the infrastructure remains fully scalable in anticipation of further traffic growth.

"Our recent move to Juniper Networks places us ahead of our main competition in terms of both technology and experience."
Christian De Balorre Head of Engineering, Neo Telecoms