Real-time DDoS protection sets MCM Telecom apart in a competitive market

National and international corporations rely on MCM Telecom for fast, reliable, and secure connectivity to support their operations in Mexico City, Queretaro, Monterrey, and Guadalajara, Mexico. With MCM Telecom’s Clean Pipes service, based on the Juniper-Corero DDoS Protection Implementation Service, customers can be confident that their users, applications, and infrastructure are safeguarded against DDoS attacks.


Company MCM Telecom
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Of DDoS attacks automatically mitigated


Sales increase expected in the first year 

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Protect customers against a serious and common threat

When the pandemic triggered a huge increase in Internet usage, cyber-criminals pounced. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, already a daily onslaught, intensified, increasing the risk of business disruption and even extortion.

MCM Telecom, a leading provider of communications, cloud, unified communications as a service, and network services, didn’t want its customers to worry about the growing risk. It launched the next generation of its Clean Pipes service, which detects and mitigates DDoS attacks without having to send network traffic to a special “scrubbing” site.

“MCM Telecom differentiates our Internet services through strong security,” says Adolfo Correa, product development strategist at MCM Telecom. “DDoS protection is built into our Internet services.”

MCM Telecom Challenge

Stop DDoS attacks in real time with maximum efficiency

A long-time Juniper customer, MCM Telecom turned to the Juniper and Corero joint DDoS protection solution to provide secure Internet services and to build a foundation for premium services.

Corero SmartWall Threat Defense Director (TDD) works in conjunction with Juniper MX Series Universal Routing Platforms at the edge of MCM Telecom’s network to mitigate DDoS attacks in real-time. More than 98% of the DDoS attacks are automatically stopped, protecting network availability and avoiding service disruption to customers’ business operations.

Corero research shows that 85% of DDoS attacks last less than 10 minutes, as attackers try to dodge detection. With the joint DDoS solution, MCM can efficiently thwart both terabit-scale DDoS attacks and short-lived attacks by leveraging the high-performance MX Series routers at the edge.

The joint solution overcame challenges with MCM Telecom’s legacy DDoS mitigation service, which required sending traffic to scrubbing centers outside of Mexico and back, adding latency that impacted the customer experience. There’s no longer a concern with redirecting sensitive data—especially for customers in fintech and pharmaceuticals—to a third party.

BMobile worked closely MCM Telecom to redefine its corporate success and implement the Clean Pipe service to add strategic value and help MCM Telecom stand out in a competitive market. 

MCM Telecom Solution

Drive new revenue streams

By adding the Juniper and Corero joint solution for DDoS protection, MCM Telecom can offer secure Internet as a differentiator in a competitive market and drive new revenue growth. At the base package, Clean Pipes provides foundational, always-on mitigation. If a customer comes under attack, it can turn on additional protection on-demand.

“MCM Telecom expects to increase sales by 27% in the first year by offering DDoS-as-a-service to our enterprise customers,” says Correa.

A multitenant portal allows MCM Telecom to provide customers with direct visibility into DDoS attacks and mitigation, which underscores the value of protection. “Customers can see that attacks happened that didn’t have an impact on their business,” says Correa. 

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Armando Hernandez, Network Operations Center Manager, MCM Telecom
“Using the Juniper-Corero solution makes it easier and more efficient to provide real-time DDoS mitigation to our enterprise customers.”
Armando Hernandez Network Operations Center Manager, MCM Telecom

Published March 2022