Evolving the network for the surge in digital demand.

LINX searched for a network partner to support the design and build-out of a new network architecture that could meet its growth requirements and at the same time keep operating costs low.

London Internet Exchange is one of the world’s largest Internet exchanges with members who represent hundreds of millions of subscribers around the world.


Company London Internet Exchange Ltd (LINX)
Industry Telecommunications
Products used MX SeriesJunos OS
Region EMEA
"We chose Juniper because we saw its commitment to make LINX a success, and we’d witnessed a track record of delivering successfully for our members over a number of years."
Derek Cobb Chief Technology Officer, LINX

Business Challenge

Exploding traffic levels were putting pressure on LINX members to deliver richer, faster services. The company prides itself on low operating costs, and so it needed to be mindful of costs as it evolved the network to allow for the surge in digital content demand while providing industry-defining standards of scalability, reliability, and automation in the supercore.

Business Solution

Because much thought had been put into the network design, all the features important to LINX and its members were delivered on the new high-performance infrastructure. As a result, LINX decided to build its new network in two phases using MX Series routers and the PTX5000 Converged Supercore router.

Business Results

The new network delivers a managed throughput of 1.8Tbps, an increase of 20 percent over previous levels. It also gives LINX the opportunity to offer value-added services to its customers.

"In Juniper we’ve chosen a partner with a reputation for robust, carrier-grade networks and an ability to provide high performance at scale. Traffic levels are only going in one direction, so our investment in Juniper has enabled us to build a fast, cost-effective platform for the long-term good of our members and their customers."
Derek Cobb Chief Technology Officer, LINX