InterNexa Uses Cloud Management to Simplify Connectivity for Latin American Businesses

A discussion with a major chain of fitness centers spurred InterNexa to launch a new cloud-managed network service aimed at distributed enterprises in Latin America. The service, which leverages Juniper’s application routing and cloud management capabilities, is a simpler way to deliver excellent network experiences and control operational costs.


Company Internexa
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX SeriesSRX300
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance


The network experience for distributed enterprises in Latin America


Reduction in cost for WAN connectivity for customers


Operations with cloud management of customers’ onpremises firewalls



BodyTech, a premier fitness center with 250 locations across Latin America, relies on InterNexa to help deliver an exceptional digital experience to its members and staff. BodyTech members stream music and post to social media while working out, and employees depend on a variety of applications to keep the fitness centers in top shape.

Like many fast-growing businesses across Latin America, BodyTech wanted a simpler way to deliver great customer and employee digital experiences.

“We were talking to BodyTech about their business problem,” says Juan Camilo Ruiz Benjumea, senior product line manager at InterNexa. The fitness chain wanted to ensure that employees and guests could readily access applications and services while also getting control over the rising cost of WAN connectivity.

That customer discussion led to the launch of a cloud-managed network service. “InterNexa saw the opportunity to develop a new service for enterprise customers in our markets across Latin America,” says Camilo.

Now, BodyTech can easily control its application traffic across the WAN to deliver a better user experience while maximizing its WAN investment.

Internexa. Challenge


“We worked with Juniper Networks as a partner to develop a new cloud-managed WAN service to fit our customer needs,” says Camilo.

The service leverages Juniper Sky Enterprise and Juniper Networks SRX300 Services Gateway. InterNexa also uses Juniper Networks MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platforms for its network. The SRX300 Services Gateways provide security, networking, and WAN connectivity at customer sites. In addition, Juniper Networks AppSecure, a next-generation firewall component of the SRX Series Services Gateways, provides deep application visibility and control with policybased enforcement. Applications are automatically classified and routed per customer policy across InterNexa’s network. For instance, customer traffic can be routed over MPLS, broadband Internet, or 4G based on cost or other factors. And with SRX Series firewalls, connectivity at customer sites is resilient; if a primary link fails, traffic is automatically switched to a secondary link, so customers’ applications continue uninterrupted.

The InterNexa operations team uses Juniper Sky Enterprise for cloud-based configuration and management of customers’ onpremises SRX Series firewalls. Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) through Juniper Sky Enterprise ensures operational efficiency.

“Juniper Sky Enterprise makes it easy and efficient to onboard new clients and support the operations of clients with multiple sites,” says Camilo. “Zero Touch Provisioning allows us to reduce our implementation and operations cost.

Internexa Solution


InterNexa collaborated with Juniper to design and engineer the cloud-managed network service that is extending its reach into the enterprise market. “Working with Juniper is a very different experience than working with other technology vendors,” says Camilo. “InterNexa is a customer of Juniper, but Juniper sat with us and listened to the needs of our customer. That really added value for us.”

BodyTech isn’t the only rapidly growing business that needs simplified, affordable connectivity. With strong demand across Latin America, InterNexa projects its new service will connect 2000 customer sites in two years. The opportunity is great: InterNexa operates in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil and provides connectivity in 170 cities as well as internationally.

“Using SRX Series firewalls and Juniper Sky Enterprise to provide flexible, cloud-managed connectivity to businesses is a huge opportunity for InterNexa,” says Camilo.

Internexa Outcome
Juan Camilo Ruiz Benjumea, Senior Product Line Manager, InterNexa
"Working with Juniper is a very different experience than working with other technology vendors."
Juan Camilo Ruiz Benjumea Senior Product Line Manager, InterNexa

Published April 2020