Discovery inspires with real-life entertainment

Media changed dramatically since Discovery’s superfans cut their teeth on Shark Week.

“People used to solely turn on cable channels,” says Brian Duvall, vice president of network platform at Discovery. “Now they’re choosing to watch on an app such as discovery+.”

Whether passionate about their shows on Discovery Channel, HGTV, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, or dozens of other brands, Discovery delights audiences across every screen, every service, in every format. One of the key foundations to a full media experience is a global network from Juniper. 


Company Discovery
Industry Media and Entertainment
Products used MX480MX SeriesEX Series
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance

800 million

Monthly unique views globally


Hours of original programming created a year


Increase in global bandwidth at same cost


Connection to serve live media anywhere in the world


Control your own global network destiny

Operating a private enterprise backbone is a primary element in Discovery’s transformation into a media powerhouse. “With our cloud journey, we decided to build our own WAN because it gives us control over the video quality to the cloud edge,” Duvall says.

The briefest blip disappoints viewers, whether watching a daredevil high-wire walk across the Grand Canyon or the match point at Wimbledon. Duvall’s team architected an enterprise MPLS backbone to the highest levels of service quality and operational efficiency. “Any packet loss can result in a black screen to air,” he says.

That’s a high-wire feat of the technical kind, with Juniper Networks® MX Series Universal Routing Platforms for the advanced capabilities and controls that Discovery needs to deliver high-definition video at the lowest latency around the world.

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Not a penny more for a tenfold bandwidth increase

A private global network has enabled Discovery to accelerate innovation and drive efficiency.

“We have been able to deliver a tenfold increase in bandwidth for the same cost,” Duvall says.

Discovery reaped additional advantages with Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches in its corporate offices, supporting productivity and business applications.

Whether running in the network core or a global office, Junos® operating system is consistent across Juniper’s routing and switching platforms, simplifying infrastructure and operations. “There’s operational efficiency in making sure that the WAN is the same vendor as the LAN,” he says.


Any signal, anywhere in the world with a simplified network

“The beauty of our network architecture is that we can deliver any signal anywhere in the world with only one connection,” Duvall says.

Discovery has relied on Juniper networking for more than a decade. “Juniper is engaged and easy to work with,” Duvall says. “Discovery wants to have a two-way relationship with our vendors, and Juniper has done that better than any network vendor.”

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"By building a Juniper network, we can scale bandwidth higher at a lower cost. We have seen operational and financial efficiencies."
Brian Duvall Vice President of network platform, Discovery

See how Discovery, Inc. meets a tenfold increase in bandwith demand with its Juniper WAN. (18:10)

Published April 2021