Scaling a carrier-grade network to meet sudden expansion demands.

Commsworld scales its network quickly and uses automated services provisioning to accommodate thousands of new customers across Scotland.


Company Commsworld
Industry Telecommunications
Products used SRX SeriesMX SeriesEX SeriesMX480EX4300
Region EMEA
Commsworld Image
"We strongly believe in our relationship with Juniper to future-proof our investment. We are already so much further ahead than where we started, but we can see even more potential in the Juniper solutions to help us achieve our aggressive growth plans."
Charlie Boisseau CTO, Commsworld

Commsworld is Scotland’s leading telecommunication network service provider. The company is positioned to help its strong client base achieve growth with a comprehensive solutions portfolio, excellent service support, ISO accreditations, and super-fast connectivity.

Business Challenge

After Commsworld acquired Fluency, it had to scale quickly to handle the demands of thousands of extra customers across Scotland. Commsworld needed a vendor that could meet its constantly evolving business needs while keeping its total cost of ownership down.

Technology Solution

Commsworld has deployed the Juniper MX480 routers in its core and MX104 routers in its metro access network. Small branch SRX Series Services Gateways at customer sites terminate and secure WAN access services, and the EX4300 Ethernet Switch aggregates access traffic and terminates direct fiber WAN connections.

Business Results

Commsworld’s network quickly grew from two points of presence (POPs) to 21, all based on Juniper technology. The carrier uses Juniper automated provisioning services to quickly and simply upgrade customers from one service to another. The Juniper equipment has also allowed Commsworld to meet its low-energy cost objectives.


"When I saw that the London Internet Exchange (LINX) had based its network infrastructure on Juniper’s networking portfolio, I knew there wouldn’t be anything I could throw at a Juniper network that it couldn’t cope with. The Juniper solution portfolio has met our requirements and more."
Charlie Boisseau CTO, Commsworld