Algeria Telecom modernizes metro networks for 5G and high-speed Internet

As Algeria prepares for the arrival of 5G, Algeria Telecom, the state-owned telecom operator, has undertaken a monumental effort to improve the quality and accessibility of Internet service. Juniper and NEC have worked closely with Algeria Telecom to modernize its Metro, Core and BNG networks for a five-fold boost in Internet speed and to expand the availability of services across the country. 


Company Algeria Telecom
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX2020MX960MX2008MX480EX9200EX2300EX4300Anuta ATOMNorthStar Controller
Region EMEA
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Increase in Internet speeds across this Saharan country

Expand Internet

Increase access to high-speed Internet with modern metro network

Thanks to the Metro Modernization project, the expansion of services will reach 4.5M houses by end of 2022, which would correspond to 50 percent of the Algerian houses (3.5M houses were connected to the fixed internet in 2019). By 2024, the plan is to connect 67 percent of the Algerian houses to the fixed internet.

20 Mbps

Average Internet speed across Algeria


Network planning, design and operations with automation


Improve high-speed Internet access across Algeria

With a goal of massively improving Internet quality and accessibility, Algeria Telecom set out to modernize its metro networks to deliver the best possible user experience at scale.

An open, agile, and automated network would allow Algeria Telecom to support the rollout of 5G, optimize Internet service quality, simplify operations, and future-proof its infrastructure investment. 

Algeria Telecom Challenge

An open, agile, automated network

Algeria Telecom worked with NEC and Juniper to ensure a smooth deployment in a country that spans from the mountains to the arid desert.

NEC provided extensive professional services to engineer and build the new metro networks. Juniper MX Series Universal Routing Platforms provide simple, secure connectivity at scale in those networks.

The Juniper Paragon™ Automation solution, including Paragon Pathfinder and Paragon Planner, gives Algeria Telecom deep visibility into its network and services while simplifying operations. This paves the way for assured user experiences with complex 5G and multicloud services. The provider also uses the Juniper NorthStar Controller to simplify traffic engineering and Anuta ATOM for stateful configuration compliance and device lifecycle management. 

Algeria Telecom Solution

Automated network paves the way for 5G

Together, NEC and Juniper helped Algeria Telecom achieve its objective of providing a high-capacity, innovative network to accommodate surging data traffic and future 5G use cases.

“The successful completion of the IP metro network modernization project by our partners, NEC and Juniper, will allow us to make the migration to IPv6, initiate digital transformation, and implement high-speed Internet, as we best satisfy the needs of Algeria Telecom customers,” says Allahoum Hocine, head of IP core at Algeria Telecom.

Algeria Telecom enhanced the speed and accessibility of Internet services to the citizens and businesses of Algeria. Subscribers enjoy a five-fold increase in speed with far superior Internet service quality and services now reach 50% percent more of the population (planned to reach 67% of the population)

Expanded access to Internet digital services can have a profound impact on Algerian’s lives, helping create new jobs and improve people’s lives. 

Algeria Telecom Outcome
“The rapid growth of network traffic is a clear indication of the need for modernization and expansion of network capacity. Overall, the innovative solutions from Juniper enabling this automated metro cloud architecture have helped us achieve our strategic goals and thrive as we pave the way for 5G.”
Adel Bentoumi CEO of Algeria Telecom

Published October 2022