‘Project Impossible’ becomes Wi-Fi sensation in Long Beach schools

Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) beats the odds as a leader in urban education excellence. As the fourth largest school district in California, LBUSD regularly earns accolades as one of the world’s highest performing educational systems despite the academic challenges of its diverse and economically disadvantaged student population.

The pandemic put the high-achieving district to the test. Students and teachers returning to classes in-person had grown accustomed to digital learning, and a network experience that was acceptable pre-pandemic would now be frustrating. LBUSD rolled out an AI-driven Juniper network that exceeded everyone’s expectations.


Company Long Beach Unified School District
Industry Education
Products used AP43Wireless (Wi-Fi) Assurance
Region Americas
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School and administrative locations received a Wi-Fi upgrade


Students gained fast, secure connectivity to Wi-Fi


Weeks needed to replace 5,400 wireless access points


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Create a digital-first learning environment

After a year of hybrid learning, LBUSD knew its Wi-Fi network could not meet the demands of returning students and teachers. The existing Wi-Fi wasn’t up to the challenge of supporting the tens of thousands of Chromebooks the district had distributed to students during remote learning and tens of thousands more devices already used in classrooms. Lesson plans had become focused on digital learning activities that relied on technology more than ever.

To support a digital-first learning environment and IoT-enabled smart buildings, LBUSD needed a modern, AI-driven wireless network. The IT team dubbed the plan “Project Impossible,” due to the tight timeframe and the huge scope of replacing thousands of access points in more than 103 locations within 10 weeks.

“We wanted it to be easy for the end users and make sure they had great experiences when they returned to school,” says Matthew Woods, executive director, technology and information services at LBUSD. “Selecting new Wi-Fi is a high-stakes decision, and Juniper did not disappoint.”

Long Beach Unified School District Challenge

Self-driving Wi-Fi network with AIOps

LBUSD exchanged its wireless controllers for an AI-driven network from Juniper in less than 10 weeks.

Working with its longstanding IT consultant Cybertek, the district deployed 5,400 Juniper access points for high-density Wi-Fi 6 for Chromebooks and other mobile devices as well as connectivity for IoT devices like smart door locks, heating and cooling systems, and irrigation controls.

Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant provide automation and AIOps to simplify network administration. The support team gained 100% visibility into Wi-Fi network, device, and app performance, which has improved mean time to repair time and reduced incoming support calls.`

“The visibility and support we have with Marvis is a game changer for the IT team and helpdesk,” says Woods. “We can look at network, device, and user activity in real time and know what’s happening.”

Long Beach Unified School District Solution

From 0 to 100% visibility in only 10 weeks

LBUSD moved the Juniper wireless network into production faster than anyone expected.

“We could deploy an access point in six minutes,” says Woods. “We finished ahead of schedule and when people came back to the schools, they turned on their devices and it just worked.”

Teachers and staff have had great experiences. Fewer calls come into the support desk, and when there are Wi-Fi connectivity issues, the support team can isolate the problem and solve it quickly based on real-time insights from Marvis and Wi-Fi Assurance.

“With Marvis and Wi-Fi Assurance we can rationally and expeditiously solve problems,” says Woods. “The network is healthier, and we can get to the root of problems and address them faster than ever before.”

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Matthew Woods, Executive Director, Technology and Information Services, Long Beach Unified School District
"Our helpdesk had zero network visibility before. Now that Marvis is on our front line, we can address nebulous complaints like ‘it’s slow, unreliable, or having problems.’ We can look at the device, app, and network and quickly solve the problem."
Matthew Woods Executive Director, Technology and Information Services, Long Beach Unified School District

Published April 2023