Audiocation offers advanced online training with SD-WAN on backup

Whether for a full-time or part-time gig, a rewarding career, or the realization of a newly discovered passion, Audiocation is aimed at anyone who wants to learn or strengthen skills. Headquartered in Lippstadt, Germany, the training institute offers hands-on online courses in audio engineering, music production, design, web development, and IT security.

But when its WAN hit a sour note, Audiocation migrated to a Juniper® Session Smart Router-based SD-WAN with the help of Juniper partner M&L Systems, to create a secure network fabric that connects students and instructors with exceptional online experiences.


Company Audiocation
Industry Education
Products used Session Smart Router
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance


People per year use Audiocation for online learning and certification in audio engineering, music production, design, web development, and IT security


Audio streaming, voice, video, and other applications with a next-generation SD-WAN


WAN reliability, up from 99.95%, significantly improving quality of online training sessions

Zero trust

Security meets stringent national and international privacy laws


High quality audio in real time

Reliable connectivity is essential to Audiocation’s instructors being able to assist students improve their skills and take their careers to the next level.

“Stable Internet and phone connections are a necessity,” says Olaf Beckmann, general manager of Audiocation. “Without a quality internet connection, we can´t communicate.”

A VPN connected Audiocation’s three sites, which was comprised of two redundant Internet connections, from both a telecom and a cable provider. However, when the two Internet connections were used in parallel, latency caused interference in phone calls, disrupting the student experience. If Audiocation used only one Internet connection, the telephone connection would be immediately terminated when there was a malfunction, and the new connection setup via the Internet link could take up to 10 minutes.

Audiocation Challenge

Create a service-centric fabric for a high-performance, reliable WAN

Audiocation engaged with M&L Systems, an IT service provider based in Frankfurt. They tested the Juniper Session Smart Router at Audiocation’s data center and were immediately impressed by the performance.

“In our tests, the Session Smart Router was stable and reliable and delivered an excellent experience for videoconferencing, streaming media and VoIP,” says Beckmann.

The Juniper Session Smart Router, which powers Juniper’s AI-driven SD-WAN solution, creates an application-aware secure fabric that connects users for exceptional digital experiences. Session Smart technology overcomes the inherent inefficiencies of conventional routing and legacy SD-WAN solutions with a tunnel-less architecture that delivers improved performance, faster deployment, and cost efficiencies.

Audiocation deployed the Juniper SSR130 router, which runs Juniper’s Session Smart software, at its various locations and data center. Juniper Session Smart Conductor, a centralized management and policy engine, is used for orchestration and administration.

Audiocation Solution

SD-WAN hits the right notes

With a Juniper SD-WAN, Audiocation now offers more seamless experience, helping 18,000 students per year hone their skills or acquire additional qualifications.

The Juniper SD-WAN determines the best WAN path per session flow and smartly routes around Internet congestion or outages to deliver an optimal user experience even for latency-sensitive applications like audio, voice, and video.

Audiocation also can get the full value of the bandwidth it buys. The tunnel-less architecture of Session Smart Router enables a significant reduction in bandwidth consumption. Dual Internet links can be fully utilized, with application traffic automatically load balanced.

With zero-trust security built into the network fabric, the SD-WAN also supports Audiocation’s commitment to data protection and privacy at both the German and European Union levels.

Audiocation Outcome
“With the Juniper Session Smart Router solution, we can offer a much better online experience for our customers and instructors. The connections are not only stable and robust, but also data is transferred much more quickly and bandwidth usage is reduced.”
Olaf Beckmann General Manager, Audiocation

Published June 2023