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Access Points

SUMMARY Use the information in this chapter to select your access points (APs), onboard them to your organization, and enable the features that you need to support your business and your users.

AP Onboarding Overview

What Do You Want to Do?

Table 1: Top Tasks

If you want to...

Use these resources:

Install APs at your site

Use datasheets to compare models. Use quick start guides and deployment guides to install your APs.

Juniper Mist Supported Hardware - Wireless Access Points

Add APs to your Juniper Mist organization

Onboard your APs, assign them to your sites, and position them on your floorplans.

Get the latest AP firmware

Upgrade the firmware to the latest release.

Upgrade the Firmware on a Juniper Access Point

Optimize WPA2/WPA3 authentication by enabling fast roaming

Fast roaming is a great feature to enable when using WPA2/WPA3.

Fast Roaming and Roaming History

Enable your AP's vBLE array to support location services

If your use cases include indoor wayfinding, access tracking, and other location-based features, you need to enable BLE settings.

BLE Settings

Juniper Mist Location Services Guide

Set up a mesh network

Use APs in a mesh to simplify wireless AP deployment and expand coverage.

Using APs in a Mesh

Set up geofencing to prevent unauthorized access from nearby clients

Set an RSSI threshold to detect outside devices that are trying to gain access your network.

Enable Geofencing

Streamline AP onboarding and configuration with device profiles

Save common configurations in device profiles and apply them to dozens or hundreds of APs at once.

Device Profiles