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Documentation Conventions

Table 1 defines the notice icons used in this guide.

Table 1: Notice Icons




Image note.gif

Informational note

Indicates important features or instructions.

Image notecaution.gif


Indicates a situation that might result in loss of data or hardware damage.

Image notewarning.gif


Alerts you to the risk of personal injury or death.

Table 2 defines text conventions used in this guide and the command syntax conventions used primarily in the JUNOSe Command Reference Guide. For more information about command syntax, see the JUNOSe System Basics Configuration Guide, Chapter 2, Command Line Interface.

Table 2: Text and Syntax Conventions




Text Conventions

Bold typeface

Represents names of commands and keywords in text.

  • Issue the clock source command.
  • Specify the keyword exp-msg.
Bold sans serif typeface

Represents text that you must type.

host1(config)#traffic class low-loss1
Fixed-width typeface

Represents output on the terminal screen.

host1#show ip community list     
Community standard list 1        
   permit 0:100 0:200 0:300

Italic typeface

  • Emphasizes words.
  • Identifies variables.
  • Identifies chapter, appendix, and book names.
  • There are two levels of access, user and privileged.
  • clusterId, ipAddress.
  • Appendix A, System Specifications.

+ (plus sign) linking key names

Indicates that you must press two or more keys simultaneously.

Press Ctrl+b.

Syntax Conventions in the Command Reference Guide

Plain typeface

Represents keywords.

terminal length

Italic typeface

Represents variables.

mask, accessListName

| (pipe symbol)

Indicates a choice between the keywords or variables on either side of the symbol. (Specifying a choice can be either optional or required.)

diagnostic | line

[ ] (square brackets)

Enclose an optional choice of a single keyword or variable.

[ internal | external ]

[ ]* (square brackets and the asterisk)

Enclose an optional choice of one or more keywords or variables.

[ level1 | level2 | l1 ]*

{ } (braces)

Enclose a required choice of a single keyword or variable.

{ permit | deny } { in | out }

{ clusterId | ipAddress }

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