This guide provides an overview and description of E Series modules that are end-of-life (EOL) and can no longer be ordered for the following routers:

Depending on the EOL schedule of a module, new software releases might not support the module.

Table 1 lists EOL modules alphabetically. It lists EOL modules for ERX routers first and then for E120 and E320 routers.

Note: Any future JunosE release number provided in the Actual or Predicted Last JunosE Support field of Table 1 is based on the current JunosE release schedule. If the release schedule changes in the future, Juniper Networks will update the associated Product Support Notification (PSN) Technical Bulletin for any affected EOL modules.

For more information about E Series routers and modules, refer to the following guides:

To obtain the most current list of EOL modules, see the End-of-Life Products page on the Juniper Networks Web site at