SFM-320 Module

Module labelSFM-320
IOA label
  • Not applicable
Number of IOA ports
  • Not applicable
Software release
  • First supported: 7.3.0
  • 95 W maximum
  • Switch fabric module (320 Gbps)
  • Works with the SRP-320 module to create a switch fabric
    • The 320–Gbps fabric allocates 10 Gbps of overall bandwidth to each line module slot.
  • Must be installed only with SRP-320 module and SFM–320 modules
  • Not applicable
Software features
  • Not applicable
Model compatibility
  • E320 router
  • E120 router
Line module compatibility
  • ES2 4G LM
SRP module compatibility
  • SRP-320
  • Cannot use with SRP-100 module or SFM-100 module
Module redundancy support
  • N+1 redundancy
Port redundancy support
  • Not applicable
Cables and connectors
  • Not applicable
LEDsWhen lit, LED indicates:
  • OK (green)—Self-test passed
  • FAIL (red)—Failure detected
  • ONLINE (green)—Online with no alarms or errors
  • REDUN (green)—N+1 redundancy is enabled; 2 SRPs and 3 SFMs must be installed and working. When LED is unlit, one of the five fabric slices is down or not installed; N+1 redundancy is not enabled.
When REDUN LED is on, the module may be removed without interrupting service.
Alarms, errors, and events
  • See Monitoring Modules in JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide, Chapter 6, Managing Modules.