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Safety Guidelines

For your safety, before installing the system, review all safety warnings in this section.

Temperature Warning: The recommended maximum ambient temperature is 50° C (122° F). The internal temperature of the rack should be considered for safe operation.

Rack Installation Warning: Install equipment in the rack from the bottom upward. This will maintain the stability of the rack and reduce the chance of the rack's tipping over.

Heavy-Equipment Warning: Two people are required to lift an E-series router. Three people are required to install an E-series router in a rack. The equipment is extremely heavy.

Ground (Earth) Warning: Connect the E-series router or rack to ground (earth), and ensure that a reliable grounding path is maintained in the rack.

Lightning Activity Warning: Do not work on the system or connect or disconnect cables during lightning activity.

DC Power Disconnection Warning: Before powering on the E-series router, remove power from the DC circuit by deactivating the circuit breaker on the panel board that services the DC circuit.

Power Connection Warning: Before servicing the E-series router, turn off the power.

Jewelry Removal Warning: Remove jewelry (including rings, necklaces, and watches) before working on equipment that is connected to power lines. Metal objects heat up when connected to power and ground and can cause serious burns or become welded to the terminals.

Metal Objects Warning: Do not insert any metal object, such as a screwdriver, into an open slot or the backplane. Doing so may cause electric shock and serious burns.

Branch Circuit Caution: Evaluate the overall loading of the branch circuit before you install any equipment into a rack.

ERX-310 Power Cord Warnings (AC Model)

This unit has more than one power-supply cord. Disconnect 2 power cords BEFORE servicing to avoid electric shock.
Denne enhed har mere end een strømfordelingsledning. Fjern ledning(er) nummer 2 FØR eftersyn for at undgå elektrisk stød.
Waarschuwing! Dit apparaat heeft meerdere netsnoeren. Vermijd elektrische schok! Verwijder 2 netsnoeren ALVORENS onderhoud te verrichten.
Tässä laitteessa on useampi kuin yksi verkkojohto. Irrottakaa 2 verkkojohtoa ENNEN huoltoa sähköiskujen välttämiseksi.
Attention: Cet appareil comporte plus d'un cordon d'alimentation. Afin de prévenir les chocs électriques, débrancher les 2 (donner le nombre de cordons) cordons d'alimentation AVANT le dépannage.
Dieses Gerät hat mehrere Stromversorgungskabel. Klemmen Sie 2 Stromkabel VOR der Wartung ab, um einen elektrischen Schlag zu vermeiden.
L'unitā ha pių di un cavo di alimentazione. Scollegare 2 cavi di alimentazione PRIMA di usarla, onde evitare scosse elettriche.
Denne enheten har mer enn en nett-tilkobling. 2 nettkabler må frakobles FØR service for å unngå elektrisk støt.
Este equipamento tem mais do que um cabo de alimentaįão. Para que se evitem choques, desligar 2 cabos, ANTES de servir o equipamento.
Esta unidad tiene más de un cable de toma de corriente. Desconecte 2 cables ANTES de darle mantenimiento a la unidad, para evitar descargas eléctricas.
Denna enhet har fler än en nätanslutningskabel. Koppla bort 2 nätanslutingskablar INNAN du påbörjar service.

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